The Silva's Missionary Journey

Sergio, Stacie, KayleeAna, and Luka Silva

Viva Hope Mercy Ministries

1. Community Center

2. Community Outreach

3. Local Evangelism

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Family Ministries

1. The Family Ministries School 

This course is to train leaders for ministry in the areas of marriage and family restoration and enrichment from a biblical perspective, in view of the completion of the Great Commission to "make disciples of all the nations."

The six month program includes a three month lecture phase and a three month field assignment phase. The first three months focuses on the biblical principles of family, marriage and parenting and family restoration. They are followed by three months in field application of these principles in family ministry and seminars.

The program includes the following components:

Section 1         World View of Family/Biblical Foundations (10-15 hours)

Section 2         The Marriage Relationship (10-15 hours)

Section 3         A Marriage Seminar (10-15 hours)

Section 4         Parenting Issues (10-15 hours)

Section 5         A Parenting Seminar (10-15 hours)

Section 6         Family Systems (10-15 hours)

Section 7         Counseling Techniques and Skills (10-15 hours)

Section 8         The Role of the Family in Ministry (10-15 hours)

Section 9         Leadership (10-15 hours)

2. Marriage Week


Sergio is a member of our base council, which is a group of leaders and elders who meet together to make important decision about the base.

We are both leaders of the Mercy Ministries which consists of Viva Hope Ministries that we work directly with on a daily basis. 

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