The Silva's Missionary Journey

Sergio, Stacie, KayleeAna, and Luka Silva

Financial Support

Part of working with YWAM is that all YWAMers are self supported. So in this area I’m living by faith and trust God to provide for me and He has always been faithful and I know He always will be! The reason I’ve made this page is simply to provide the opportunity for anyone who may feel led to donate. So if you have it on your heart to give financially, I’ve made it easy to do so either through PayPal, our personal checking account, or through our personal YWAM account (all donations go directly to our family). Thank you so much for your interest, support, and generosity!!

Monthly Giving

Steps for tax-deductible monthly support through YWAM Tyler:

  1. Fill out automatic withdrawal form from checking account or credit card form
  2. In the “Name of missionary” box at the bottom of the forms write; Sergio and Stacie Silva
  3. Include a blank and voided empty check for checking account form
  4. Send to: Accounting Department, PO Box 3000, Garden Valley, TX 75771-3000, your account will be set up there and they will send you a monthly tax-deductible receipt.

One-time Giving

Donate easily with PayPal: 

Or if you’d like a tax-deductible receipt, can give through YWAM Tyler: 

  1. Write check to “YWAM” (our names cannot be anywhere on the check, not even as a memo).
  2. Enclose a separate note that says “this donation goes to Sergio and Stacie Silva” 
  3. Mail to: Accounting Department, PO Box 3000, Garden Valley, TX 75771-3000
  4. You will be mailed a tax-deductible receipt.

Or If you do not need a tax-deductible receipt you can give directly to our checking account:

  • Please write check to Sergio and Stacie Silva and write on back "to deposit only Account # 1133411" and take to a United Bank or send to:  

Sheryl Corman

9126 Harrodsburg Road

Wilmore, KY 40390

Contact Information

Email:  [email protected]

c/o Sergio and Stacie Silva
Cx. Postal 103
Almirante Tamandare, PR 83501-970


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