The Silva's Missionary Journey

Sergio, Stacie, KayleeAna, and Luka Silva

The Silva's


We are full-time career missionaries living in Almirante Tamandare, Brazil serving with Youth With A Mission ( a non-profit Christian organization - a.k.a YWAM).

Our mission as a family and organization is to know God and make God known; with a focus on community development and family ministries.

We are currently serving as Mercy Ministry Directors at our ministry campus located in Almirante Tamandare, Brazil (please click on cities name to read more specific information about the geographical location on where the Lord has called us to reach).  We are also apart of YWAM Family Ministries National team that leads a 3 month bi-lingual training school, called Family Ministry School, that equips Christian families all over the globe.  

Our Mercy Ministry team our goal is to teach, disciple and demonstrate the love of God through building relationships within the community. This particular areas has a high level of poverty and at risk situations (drug abuse, violence, etc.). In general the residents have little access to education, health, and leisure. So in order to reach the local community we offer different educational activities, bible studies, community outreach and inreach events, and the list goes on as God directs us throughout the year. Please read our quarterly newsletters to keep up to date on what God has been doing by clicking here to be directed to our blog page. 


Silva Family biography:

Sergio is Brazilian and had the great honor to also become an American citizen, Stacie is American, and their daughter KayleeAna and son Luka were both born in the states but hold both nationalities!

Prior to serving in Brazil, Stacie served in many countries around the world including Guyana, Guinea, Turkey, and Australia.  She has been in full-time missions since 1999 and completed several missionary training courses throughout the years.

Sergio completed his missionary training in June of 2004 and has also completed Biblical Christian Counseling with YWAM.  In September 2008 Sérgio majored in Journalism while serving in full-time ministry. Sergio has been a full-time missionary since 2003. 

They met in Brazil in 2003 while serving in YWAM Belo Horizonte Urban Ministries.  In December of 2006 they got married in the states and also had a ceremony in Brazil for Sergio's family.  In 2009 they
 welcomed their beautiful daughter, KayleeAna and 5 years later a sweet son named Luka into their family.






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c/o Sergio and Stacie Silva
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